Jane Pirkis

Professor Pirkis is the Director of the Centre for Health Policy, Programs and Economics in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne and holder of a NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship. She has a background in psychology and epidemiology and has undertaken a number of evaluations of large-scale suicide prevention and mental health programs.  She has led evaluations of two initiatives designed to improve access to primary mental health care for people with common conditions like depression and anxiety – the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care program and the Better Access initiative.  She is also responsible for an evaluation of the Queensland Government Suicide Prevention Strategy, and is involved in a national project supporting routine outcome measurement in mental health services (the Australian Mental Health Outcomes and Classification Network).  In the past she has conducted reviews of beyondblue, the First National Mental Health Plan and the National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy, and was commissioned to write the 3rd and 4th National Mental Health Plans. She has also managed projects concerning the delivery of mental health services to particular groups, including people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, suicidal individuals and people with a dual diagnosis.