CREMSI presents at the Priorities 2014 conference

On 11 November 2014, several members of CREMSI presented an organised session at the Priorities 2014 Conference in Melbourne (

The session was titled, ‘The NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Mental Health Systems Improvement: Prioritising Mental Health Services’. It included the following presentations:

  1. A brief introduction to CREMSI (Cathrine Mihalopoulos)
  2. Evidence based interventions for the prevention of depression (Emily Stockings)
  3. Cost-effectiveness of interventions for the prevention of depression in children and adolescents (Yong Yi Lee)
  4. Understanding the treatment quality gap for depression, anxiety and schizophrenia: implications for policy and practice (Meredith Harris, Sandra Diminic and Sandra Davidson)
  5. Bridging the evidence-policy gap through effective stakeholder engagement (Carla Meurk)


The slides from several of these presentations are provided below: