Research Program

The CRE will create an interconnected evidence base assembled by mental health epidemiologists, health economists, clinicians, health service researchers and planners, and health policy analysts and political scientists. The CRE will develop and sustain a critical mass of expertise across the relevant academic disciplines and institutions, government and industry partners. The program of research comprises three research streams:

Stream 1: Interventions and Cost-Effectiveness

The Interventions and Cost-Effectiveness Research Stream will describe population treatment need and assemble the cost effective interventions and service platforms that would most efficiently reduce the burden of mental and substance use disorders across the service continuum from prevention to rehabilitation.

Stream 2: Service Systems

The Service Systems Research Stream will design a model service delivery system, with planning targets and tools for a knowledge transfer strategy.

Stream 3: Evidence into Policy

The Evidence into Policy Research Stream will develop methods for translating the model service system into the policy environment; specifically into identifying the policy instruments governments use and how to impact the policy making processes of government.