Theo Vos

Professor Vos is Professor of Global Health at the University of Washington, and former Director of the Centre for Burden of Disease and Cost-Effectiveness in the School of Population Health, University of Queensland. He has carried out burden of disease studies in Mauritius and Australia and has made major contributions to the studies in Zimbabwe, Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. He was part of the core team directing the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study. Over the last six years he has led two large economic evaluation projects: a) the ACE-Prevention project which evaluated the cost-effectiveness of 150 interventions in Australia; and b) the SPICE project in Thailand examining intervention options for tuberculosis, mental disorders, lifestyle risk factors and road traffic injuries. He is currently part of a core team of researchers on the Disease Control Priorities Network project which aims to provide policy advice to assist priority setting in health for low and middle income countries.